Ultimate Guide On How To Measure Bra Size Correctly

Is There A Way To Measure Your Bra Size At Home?

When it comes to the point when you start to wonder as to how to measure bra size at home, there are few main factors to be aware of. It matters not whether it is plus size lingerie or regular size one – the rules are the same, and we are going to share them with you.

How To Figure Out Your Band Size Correctly

How To Figure Out Your Band Size Correctly #bandsize

Is there a simple way you can learn how to measure bra band size at home? There sure is! All you need is an old bra of yours that fits you well and a measuring tape. Wrap the tape around your back right where the band of the bra sits and put down the number you get.

Keep it in mind that you should not let the tape dig into your body otherwise, you will come up with a band size that will be too tight for you, and the same refers to a loose tape wrapped around your back. In case you get an uneven number, let’s say 29, ½ inches, then you round the number up to the whole number that is the nearest, in this case, it would be 30 inches. So, when you have 30 inches at hand, you can convert them into a fitting band size, according to the table below. If we are still talking about 30-inches measurement, then your bra size would be a 34.

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