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Casual And Classy Updos

Fulani Braids Into Bun #updos #bunhairstyles
Burgundy Fulani Braids #locs #knotlessbraids
Braided Mohawk Updo #braidedupdo #mohawk

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It is true that some braiding hairstyles can’t be transformed into anything else. However, the rule does not apply to Fulani braids. Do you want to sport a braided updo made of Fulani braids? Go for it!

Colored Fulani Braids

B;ue Fulani Braids With Ombre Effect #ombrehair #bluehairstyles
Long Blue Braids #bluebraids #fauxlocks
Twist Braids With Blue Accents #limonadebraids #braidedhair

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The beauty of hair extensions lies in their versatility, we all know that. Nevertheless, you should not forget the fact that colorful hair extensions open up unrestricted horizons of hair color experimentation without any damage inflicted on your natural hair. Besides, bright-shaded Fulani braids are merely breath-taking!

Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium Length Fulani Braids With Beads #braidedbob #mediumlengthhairstyles
Thick Fulani Braids #blackhair #brunettes
Stylish Fulani Braids #braids #braidedhair

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There is a false assumption circling the beauty industry that Fulani braids are restricted to long hairstyles only. We are going to prove that wrong. One look at these mid-length Fulani styles and you will fall madly in love with them!

Have you heard about the recent trend called Fulani braids? Even if you haven’t, you are bound to learn everything on the matter, and we are more than willing to help!


  • The Fula, Fulani, or Fulɓe people are one of the largest ethnic groups in the Sahel and West Africa, widely dispersed across the region. Source

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