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Hairstyles for women that are trending right now

Unlike the stereotype, not all asian hair is fine and silky. As many asian girls will attest, their hair can be coarse, thick, and difficult to style. But, of course, that doesn’t mean that asian hair is impossible to work with. Far from it!

Whether you’ve been blessed with thin, glossy locks or thicker, full tresses, we’re here to help you learn how to work with your texture. Just sneak a peek at our edit of the best asian hairstyles, below.

If you haven’t heard about the hime haircut yet, believe us when we say you’ll soon be seeing it everywhere. Spotted at prada’s spring 2021 show and the grammys, it’s quickly taking over tiktok with over 122.6 million views for the hime hashtag already.

The look combines long, straight hair with sharp, cheek-length layers and a fringe, so it fits in perfectly with the mullet revival we’re currently seeing. Also known as the ‘princess cut’, it origins lie in the ımperial court during the heian period of japanese history, when noble women would grow out their hair for their whole lives. The hairstyle became popular in the ’70s thanks to japanese popstar megumi asaoka and more recently, k-pop stars like momo from twice and hyeri from girl’s day have been seen repping the style.

If you’re a fan of colour, this adorable pink ombre is a must-try. So many kpop idols have rocked pink hair, from blackpink‘s rosé to ryujin from ıtzy and it always looks amazing on them, so why not give it a go?!

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