Fun and Learning for Parents and Children: An Activities Handbook

Musical Chairs

It is a fun and active game for those who like to dance, and we are more than sure that all the kids do.

What you need

    • The minimum of 4 players;


    • One person to spot the music;


    • Three chairs, or more, depending upon the number of players, but you need to be always one chair short.


What to do

    • Turn on the music and let the kids move around the chairs till the music plays;


    • When the music stops everyone needs to sit on the chair;


    • The person left without a chair ends the game together with one chair;

    • The winner is the last person to sit on the remaining chair



In case there are not enough chairs to fit the number of participants, you can use colored boards taped to the ground. The person who steps with both feet on the board – wins.

The Floor is Lava

Another super exciting and super easy indoor game is the Floor is Lava. If you do not know how to play it – you have come to the right place!

What you need

Your family gathered in the living room

What to do</

    • When anyone yells that the floor is lave, you need to step on anything but the floor;

    • The one who doesn’t – dies.



You can variate the game by saying that anything else is lave, the chair, the sofa, the bed, the fridge, etc.

Now that you have our top list of the most fun indoor activities you can do with your kids, we are pretty sure that you will not have any difficulty keeping them busy. As you can tell, there are interesting and engaging games that will get everyone involved, from little ones to grown-ups. Hence, whether to choose one of them or play every single one is up to you. Either way, you will have a good laugh and a great time.


    • Indoor games and sports are a variety of structured forms of play or competitive physical activity, typically carried out either in the home or in specially constructed indoor Source


    • Board games are traditionally a subset of tabletop games that involve counters or pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked surface or “board”, according to a set of rules. Source


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