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Examples of short asymmetrical bob haircuts for women

This sexy haircut is perfect for women who want a fresh look but are afraid of a drastic change. There are famous stars who pulled off a short asymmetrical bob haircut and made it into the spotlight including mandy moore and ashley tisdale. They prove how funky and stunning this haircut could be. Unlike a classic bob, a short asymmetrical bob is cut with an uneven perimeter. One side has longer strands that don’t go past the shoulders, but it’s not too extreme. When wanting an edgy and glamorous vibe, this one is worth a shot!

A hairstylist from maplewood, mo expresses what she thinks about a short asymmetrical bob hairstyle. Helen demakis says, “ıt’s a fun way to play it safe if you think you might want your hair to be all-around short someday. You can feel a sense of security with leaving some length while experiencing a shorter cut, too.”

before getting such a short bob, demakis reminds ladies not to forget to think about what the back looks like. “do you want it also to be asymmetrical, or would you rather it be more connected?”

demakis suggests asking your stylist these questions: what does this grow out look like? How should ı style this?

She also shares her best product recommendation for an asymmetrical cut. “use wax or texturizing spray when styling. This cut is meant to be fun and piece-y, not laying flat,” she advises.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these images of short asymmetrical bob haircuts and hairstyles for your inspiration!

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