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Suiting & Blazers

We have mentioned that to pull off cocktail attire men should wear a jacket. But are there other options? For instance, is a blazer cocktail attire? Actually, it is. Not every blazer will work though, but if you choose the right tailoring and print, then you are welcome go for it. It is important that the suit or jacket fit snugly, so make sure to choose the proper size and tailoring.

As for the colors, patterns and prints, you can never go wrong with a solid black color. However, to spark up your garden attire a bit, go for something more “tinted”, like gray, navy or even burgundy. While you can be inspired by the casual dress code, remember cocktail does not equal casual. So, if you opt for patterned garden party attire, then it should be low-key and minimalistic. Narrow pinstripes or tiny windowpane checks will work just fine. Instead of printed fabrics, stick to textured ones. For example, slub or herringbone design will give your coctail attire a grainy feel, while mohair will add a touch of sheen to it.

Suiting & Blazers #cocktailattireformen #cocktailattire


What Shirts To Wear For Cocktail Attire


To put together daytime or casual cocktail attire, choose a shirt in off-white or pastel shades, like yellow, pink or lavender, if they flatter the tone of your skin. The pattern as well as the style of the cuff are up to you. In case the event is late in the evening or requires more formal attire, a light blue or white shirt will be your best bet. As for the cuff style, we highly recommend French ones, as they will spruce up any formal dress for men greatly.

What Shirts To Wear For Cocktail Attire #cocktailattireformen #cocktailattire


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