Body Art Tattoo For 2020

Sergio Jerome Pettis is an American blended martial artist who competes within the bantamweight division within the Bellator MMA. Pettis used to compete within the Final Preventing Championship (UFC) the place he competed within the bantamweight and the flyweight divisions. Pettis has received 18 out of the 23 skilled matches that he has performed. Sergio has many attention-grabbing tattoos on his physique. Allow us to check out those he has and discover their meanings.

Sergio Pettis

1. ‘Wolf’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The MMA star’s left calf comprises a big tattoo of the face of a wolf.

That means: Getting a wolf tattoo is the clear image of energy and energy.

2. ‘Portrait and Rose’ Tattoos

Tattoo: The left aspect of his chest comprises a tattoo of a portrait of a lady. To the left of the girl is a tattoo of a giant crimson rose on Sergio’s left shoulder. Beneath the tattoos are two tattoos of banners with phrases tattooed inside them. The left banner reads,”All that I’m or ever can be” and the best one reads, “I owe to my Mom”

That means: The portrait tattoo is a portrait of his mom, Annette Garcia. His brother, Anthony additionally has an identical tattoo of their mom. The 2 banners learn a line which he has devoted to his love for his mom.

3. Surname Tattoo

Tattoo: The proper aspect of his chest comprises a tattoo of Sergio’s surname, Pettis tattooed on it.

4. ‘Rockstar’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The proper bicep of the UCL star comprises a tattoo of the letter R together with a star tattooed on it.

That means: The letter and the star collectively spell out Rockstar which is considered one of his nicknames.

5. ‘Lion and Metropolis’ Tattoos

Tattoo: The fighter’s proper arm comprises many distinctive tattoos. His proper shoulder comprises a big tattoo of the face of a lion. Beneath the lion tattoo is a tattoo of the view of a metropolis’s skyline and different spots.

That means: Town tattoo is a tattoo of Milwaukee’s skyline which is Sergio’s hometown whereas Lion represents energy.

6. ‘Map and Quote’ Tattoos

Tattoo: The higher aspect of his proper forearm comprises a tattoo of a map define. His forearm additionally comprises a quote tattoo which reads, “I’m in a world of my very own”

That means: The map define is the define of the Wisconsin which is the place the place Sergio was born and introduced up.

7. ‘Boy’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Sergio’s proper forearm comprises a tattoo of a boy strolling on a path resulting in a tattoo of a tree.

8. Tribute Tattoo

Tattoo: The decrease aspect of his proper forearm comprises a tattoo of a pair of legs. Above them is the date Nov 12, 2003, tattooed. His wrist additionally comprises a quote that begins with the phrases, “Let one other…”

That means: The date is a tribute for his father, Eugene Pettis Jr. who was shot useless at his buddy’s home by a robber on 12 November 2003.


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