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30 Stylish Hairstyles for Asian Males in 2020

If you’ve ever traveled to different parts of the world, you may have noticed that it’s quite common for young men of Asian descent to sport some crazy and inventive hairstyles. Granted, some will stay conservative and conventional, but a lot of Asian men aren’t afraid to express their personality with a unique hairstyle. The end result is a lot of great haircuts for Asian men to give a try, from short haircuts for men to long, trendy styles. Here are 30 cool haircuts for Asian men to check out.

Cropped Quiff

No, this isn’t the most exciting haircut you’ve ever seen on an Asian man. But it is a low-maintenance haircut, as well as one that exudes a sense of maturity, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Casual Spike

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

Spiky hair seems to be prominent in the Asian community, and this is one of the more tame looks when it comes to that particular style. You may not stand out in a crowd with this haircut, but it’s a haircut that most Asian men are capable of getting without much hassle.

Top Ponytail with Shaved Sides

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

This haircut looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. Shaving off the sides is actually a great way to help keep your hair low maintenance and easy to manage. From there, all you have to do is tie the rest into a ponytail. Simple yet stylish, which is kind of perfect, don’t you think?

Party On Top

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

This is almost an anti-mullet haircut. Instead of business in the front and party in the back, it’s just all party. The shaved sides are optional, but they definitely help to pull the look together. If you’re a true party animal, this is the kind of haircut that will let people know that right off the bat.

Side Part

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

This side part haircut is a good haircut for someone who wants to look professional but also wants to have a good time after work. It works best for someone with thick, dark hair, and once you get a little hair gel into it, this style should be relatively easy to manage.

Mighty Spike

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

This is a style of spiky hair that goes about as high as your hair can go. As long as you have an easy way to make your hair stand straight up as high as possible, this haircut should be easy to maintain over a long period of time. Just keep in mind, this haircut is really more for younger people who are trying to express a little personality. Older Asian men need to think long and hard before attempting to pull off the mighty spike.

Faux Hawk Fade

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

This haircut is definitely for the bold. It can be tough to pull off because you don’t want to shave too much off the side and not leave enough in the middle. Also, if you change your mind, there’s really no going back until your hair grows back. But if you’re willing to go out on a limb and take a risk, give it a try, because done right it looks great.

Slicked Back

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

If you find that you have hair that’s soft and straight, one of the easiest things to do is just slick it back. If you’re a busy professional, this may be the perfect haircut because it’ll be easy to manage and won’t get out of place if you’re on the go. If you have a no-nonsense attitude, a slicked back haircut may be the best way to convey it.

Spikes and Streaks

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

Now, this is more like it. If you’re going to go with the spiky look, you might as well add a little more personality to it and add some colorful streaks. For Asian men with dark hair, going with darker shades of colors like red, blue, purple, or green are probably your best bet. But you should also feel free to experiment and find a color combination that works.

Grunge Look

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

For those who are old enough to remember him, let’s nickname this the Kurt Cobain look. Of course, Kurt had those infamous blonde locks flowing down to his shoulders while most Asian men will have much darker hair. Nevertheless, if you fancy a rock n’ roll lifestyle or just love grunge and hard rock music, there’s nothing wrong with letting your hair hang long and loose.

Fade with Design

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

This is another haircut that’s going to take some guts to pull off, but the creativity factor is off the charts. Obviously, you’ll want to have a designed planned out in advance, but you’ll have no shortage of ideas for the design, and when all is said and done it’s pretty much a guarantee that no one else will have the exact same haircut.

Serious Spikes

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

Yet another spiky look, although this one is less about fun and games and more about putting all of your hair in one place. Notice that there’s less of a fade on the sides than some of the other spiky styles. This haircut is great if you want to go with the spiky look, but it’s also easy to push everything down and go with a more conservative look if you’re not in the mood to spike your hair as high as it’ll go.

Long and Lazy

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

There’s no creative name for this haircut, but if you want to let your hair grow long and you’re too lazy to do a whole lot with it, this is the look you’ll have. You may want to add a little bit of gel to help keep things in place over the course of the day, but for the most part, you can just use your hand to push your hair to one side or another and let everything else fall into place.

Spiky Layers

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

Yet another spiky look, but this one is a bit more complicated. Each and every spike of hair has to be cut at a different length to create tapered layers. Having thick hair is usually a requirement for a haircut like this, but if you’re lucky enough to have thick hair, this is a great style for special occasions, especially if you’re going to be photographed.

Crown in Front

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

If your hair is long enough and thick enough, you can keep everything short in the back and on the sides but keep everything up in the front. Essentially, it looks like you have a nice sized crown on the top of your head, which helps to signify that you are a powerful figure. Even if that’s not true, it’s still nice to have a haircut that conveys power, right?

Fringe Up

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

This is a great way to add layers and texture to your hair, assuming you want to opt for something that’s a little more complicated. You don’t have to dye your hair blonde to make it work, but it may help for this kind of haircut.

Pretty Boy Look

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

Be warned, this look will take some work, and it’ll make it seem like you’re really trying to cultivate a special look. That being said, if pulled off properly it looks great and can work for you in either a professional or social setting.

Man Bun

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

Admittedly, man buns aren’t the most common haircut among Asian men, but some people can make it work. Obviously, you first need to grow it long in the back, but once that hard work is done, tying things up in a bun is easy to do and easy to manage, so there are some definite reasons to give it a try.

Long Layers

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

This is another good option for Asian men with long and thick hair. Such hair can be difficult to manage, but a haircut like this can definitely help you get noticed, so it’ll be well worth it in the long run.

Side Swipe

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

This is definitely a more casual haircut for the younger crowd, but it’s still possible to make it look stylish. The best part is that it’s easy to manage; all you have to do is run your hand through it make sure it stays swiped to one side.

Short Curls

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

Another youthful look, specifically for Asian men whose hair isn’t quite so long and thick. To stay this hair is curly may not be the best wording, but it’s definitely not straight, nor is it spiked. With the sides cut short, this haircut looks like a nest of curls on top of the head.

Let It Flow

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

Every now and then, some Asian men just want to let their hair down. There’s obviously no secret to this haircut; it’s just a matter of letting it grow and keeping it clean. If you can do that, odds are you’ll have a nice look that works for you.

Asian Braids

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

Again, this isn’t the most traditional haircut for Asian men, but a lot of them can probably make it work. Obviously, this look requires growing long, thick hair, which isn’t usually a problem for Asian men. Once in braids, hair looks casual and becomes easy to manage, making it something worth considering.


30 Haircuts for Asian Men

Yup, Asian men can pull off the pompadour too. Much like Elvis, many Asian men have thick, black hair that’s easy to make stand up, and so it’s actually the perfect haircut in a lot of ways. It may look a little silly at first, but this look is actually starting to make a comeback.

Platinum Blonde

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

To be fair, this is a little more about the color than the cut, but taking dark hair and dyeing it platinum blonde is quite the statement to make. The look has actually become quite popular among Asian men and offers a world of possibilities for how to cut it once the blonde is in place. Also, once the natural darker hair starts to grow back in, it makes for a real interesting contrast.

Tact and Texture

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

This is a safe haircut for a young man who’s still unsure of what he wants to do with his hair. It’s not too long, not too short, and adds a great amount of texture and volume to the hair. It’s a great haircut if you just want to play it safe and not take too many chances.

Mushroom Head

30 Haircuts for Asian Men

Ah, the classic mushroom look. Please don’t get this confused with some of the haircuts we’ve seen that are on the cutting edge of fashion, but this is still a look that doesn’t go out of style. It gives off a rather youthful appearance, and as you can see, it’s easy to add a little color, so there’s still a few ways you can be creative with this kind of haircut.


30 Haircuts for Asian Men

This is definitely more of a fashion-forward look for someone trying to make a statement. The chopped layers will take some getting used to, but there’s nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd and trying to start a new trend.


30 Haircuts for Asian Men

For anyone bold enough, a mohawk is always an option. It has become particularly trendy among Asian men, who usually have hair that’s thick and strong enough to stand up on its own in a mohawk.


30 Haircuts for Asian Men

For something that’s simple and easy to maintain, you can’t go wrong with the undercut. For anyone who is fastidious and focused when it comes to work or school, this is the perfect haircut for both your lifestyle and your personality.

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